Tonight We Dream: Mono-crop


That moment.
That moment where your nose starts to run.
Then you feel that tickle in your throat.
Then that headache.

I somehow got sick.

And it just had to be on the one day of the week where the temperature was above 24 degrees Celsius.

So I took some time out of my busy day (lying around, blowing my nose) to update this blog.
I realised that I had lost the plate for my tripod - it must have been misplaced during our move to the new apartment. Just don't know where to start looking.

What sucks about working in an office job (or really just working at all) is that I can't wear whatever I want. I love crops. But I just can't find the appropriate time to wear them besides festivals.

Oh and I got a new tattoo (finally!). Anyone looking for a talented tattoo artist - look no further than LDF Tattoo. They have two shops in Sydney - one in Newtown and another in Marrickville. The latter is the one I went to where I had an appointment with Samira.

It's always worrying when you go to a new tattoo parlor. However, Samira was amazing. Since this was my first tattoo on my actual body, I was quite nervous. Samira told me exactly what she was doing, where she was starting and always checked to make sure I was okay. It turned out that the pain was nothing compared to what I thought it might be. Which is usually the case for a lot of people.

Now, I am the proud wearer of a beautiful tattoo thanks to Samira and my wonderful friend Diana who was the illustrator.

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