Tonight We Dream: Leather & Linen

Leather & Linen

We are all guilty of it. Buying all these clothes, shoes and accessories that we may only wear once or twice, or maybe not even at all. All these things look utterly amazing when your eyes first meet with it. Then you take it home and realise ... when and/or where on earth am I going to wear this? I spend Monday to Friday at work from 8:30am until 5:00pm. I hardly go out on the weekend since those are the only days I don't have to go into the city and battle the hundreds of people that crowd the streets. So when am I going to have a chance to wear this?

My ultimate piece that I have not been able to wear with confidence (for fear of being stared and ridiculed) is this beautifully crafted Burberry Prorsum parka - yes, the very same piece that closed the Burberry Prorsum runway show for their Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear collection.

The sleeves are made up of lambskin leather pieces in multiple shades of green, woven into each other. Beautiful - I know. But this is pretty much the main reason why this parka can't be worn without attracting a lot of attention (probably not the good kind). They are become bulky and make you look pretty strange. Take a look at the one and only Cara Delevingne - the girl who can make everything look good. She was the one who rocked the piece down the catwalk. The parka is drowning her!

The body of the parka is made of linen - as this is supposed to be for 'spring' (the sleeves completely counteract this since the leather is so thick). I guess, like most of Burberry's spring outerwear, it is made solely for people who live in climates like London - when spring means an Aussie winter. 
Then, the hood has a raffia rim which is kinda cool. Substituting for the usual fur rim, the raffia theme also runs through into the accessories for the collection - i.e, the hats. They look like the kind of style you would wear in winter (beanies with the little pom poms on top). But on closer inspection, they are made from woven raffia - also another piece that I bought, but have only worn once.

Got to stop doing that ...

Outerwear Burberry Prorsum
Hat Burberry Prorsum

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